I Left My Heart in Santa Barbara

A couple weeks ago Jordan and I snuck off to California on the spur of the moment just because we wanted to and also because we found out The Postal Service concert still had tickets available and so we really had no choice.

To make it even more like an escape, we rented a car. We left early in the morning:IMG_20130804_102333We passed by some of the usual landmarks:

(Check out the weird distortion -- totally a happy accident.)

(Check out the weird distortion — totally not on purpose even.)

When we got to Santa Barbara I couldn’t believe how green it was. Living in the desert, I forgot anywhere in the world could BE so green:
0720131627bWe were too late to see the first opening act, Maths, but heard he was good. Before The Postal Service stepped on stage we did get a taste of the New Orleans bounce style (courtesy of Big Freedia and dancers), which is something unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Loved that we got such a variety of music styles that night:
IMG_20130805_161648Jordan spent a lot of time checking out all the musical equipment on stage:IMG_20130805_204632Then the moon came out to set the mood:
IMG_20130805_152049And The Postal Service came on and were exactly as awesome as we hoped they’d be:
IMG_20130804_104021We were on a good-music high afterward:
IMG_20130805_151859The next morning I woke up with totally hot hair. Sometimes I miss humidity:
Morning Hot HairWe went down to the beach:
IMG_9681IMG_9680And I didn’t ever want to leave. I think maybe I would like to live by a beach.

(Oh my gosh, I like this guy so much.)

(Oh my gosh, I like this guy so much.)

We saw wee little birdies:
IMG_9683We saw games set up by someone very clever:
IMG_9665We saw the coolest hippie van ever:
IMG_9689Oh, and also we saw some people catch live crab right there in front of us. Using raw chicken. I think I was more excited by it than the kid who actually caught them:
IMG_9679We took the long way home, following the Pacific Coast Highway. It was so foggy and mysterious. This place is just asking for pirates to show up here. You know, the spooky fun kind:
IMG_9705I miss Santa Barbara already. Sigh.