The “Write” Space

(Ha ha. Oh, puns.)

This is where I was writing for a long time:


I have a really cool desk, but since I work from home and spend all day sitting at that desk and staring at a computer doing a different kind of writing than the fun kind, it’s not exactly the place I want to sit and do creative writing at the end of the day. Plus, the bed has all those comfy pillows to lean against.

One problem though. When I sit on my bed to write, seems like I have a really hard time focusing. (Candy Crush, thou evil temptress!)┬áSo when Jordan told me that this marketing guru guy, George Lois, suggests doing your creative work “comfortably in a formal setting,” I applied that in my own way and appropriated our recently acquired reading chair as my official writing space:

(We still use it as a reading chair too.)

(We still use it as a reading chair too.)

I really didn’t think it would make that big of a difference, but oh boy it so did. It’s like when I sit in that chair to write my brain knows that it’s writing time and not play time, and I focus so much more easily. And I get excited to sit down and write because I know it probably won’t be as much of a struggle as it used to be.

Plus, as an added bonus, I can usually fall asleep better now because when I get in bed my brain knows it’s sleep time instead of create time.