The Plot Thickens

IMG_20130821_225213I finished reorganizing the plot for my book. I did it with pen on paper because something about the tactility of it all was very satisfying. I liked being able to flip through each page, hold it in my hand as I looked at what needed to be condensed or moved. I liked feeling the little stack of papers get thicker and thicker between my fingers.

I’m back to actually writing again, with that handy stack of papers right by my side so I can reference it whenever I need to. I use Scrivener for my writing and I love how easy the program makes it to stay organized. It allows me to work the way my brain works without losing anything I don’t want to lose.

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have something physical. My messy little outline is like a treasure map, leading me toward my end goal, and the crisp feel—the crinkle of the paper in my hand—reminds me that goal is reachable.