Crimson Blues. Free is ALWAYS Better

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it’s been a while since I’ve written a post. Scratch that. Since I’ve published a post. I’ve been working on some, but I had to take a break from life for a bit. Long story. Anyway, more posts will be coming soon. I had to mention this, though:

A few posts ago I totally bragged about my author mom, Dene Low, so when she told me her romance-mystery novel Crimson Blues was available on Amazon now, I had to brag some more. It’s a fast read and very entertaining — both my husband Jordan and I laughed out loud while reading it — and full of intrigue. And maybe the best part is that it is FREE on Kindle right now. At least until Monday.

I mean, really. There’s nothing stopping you from downloading it and reading it all in one sitting…Just click HERE

This is it. The book that could totally MAKE your weekend.

This is it. The book that could totally MAKE your weekend.


Can I just brag about my mom for minute?

Me and my mom at the Life, the Universe and Everything Conference, where she ROCKED as a presenter.

Me and my mom at the Life, the Universe and Everything Conference, where she ROCKED as a presenter.

I know. It isn’t even Mothers’ Day. But I just finished reading one of my mom’s books–Maddie, Maddie Flying High–and I feel like bragging. The woman is a huge inspiration to me. In so many ways. Right now, though, I’m going to focus on how she inspires me as a writer.

I don’t think there was a time in my life when I didn’t know my mom wanted to be a writer. Okay, technically, I guess she always was one. She was a journalist for a while, she got short stories published in real-life magazines, she did a ton of scholarly and non-fiction writing. Her DREAM was to be a novelist.

She used to tell us kids that if we wanted something we should just work hard and do what it took to get it. Luckily for us, since we didn’t always believe the things she said, she’s made her life a living example of that principle.

She was always working on her novels. Maddie, Maddie Flying High was probably one of the first ones she ever finished. I remember reading pieces of it when I was a kid. Seemed like life was always getting in the way of her fulfilling this particular dream, though.

Whether it was illness in the family, having to work far beyond the hours of a normal full-time job, all of her several offspring having emotional (or other) breakdowns at the same time, or all of these and more combined. She really had to fight to make enough time and energy for herself to write.

A few years ago, when she was finally able to get her first novel published–Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone from her Entomological Tales series–I think it gave a sense of validation to the whole family, not just her. There was this awesome satisfaction in being able to say, “Mom did it.”

(Plus, the book is SO cool. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it because, you know, it’s my mom, but I loved it.)

And what I think is just as cool as her getting published–and continuing to publish, and getting awards–is the fact that she’s allowed us to see her process, all the hard work it’s taken to get to this point. She would talk to us about her dream, she let us read her work even when it wasn’t perfected yet, she actually listened to our sometimes tactless advice, she’d talk to us about her frustrations with the process.

What this really did for us was to teach us that we can do it too. Whatever our dreams are, we can achieve them with hard work. I use her example every day to keep myself moving forward with my own dreams, and I have every confidence that it’s going to pay off. Because I have a good example that shows me it can.

So yeah. My mom is awesome. Check her out–Dene Low:


And stay tuned for one of these days when I brag a bunch about my dad too. (Man, my family is so cool.)