Making Waves

(Image Description: Rose, with pink hair styled in waves, smiles at the camera.)

After posting about how I’d discovered I had naturally wavy hair and had been figuring out how to properly care for it, several people asked to know what my wavy hair routine looks like, so I’m posting it here in case there’s anyone else who wants this information.

To start with, here’s where I found most my information:

I got the basics from Bianca Renee’s Curly Hair 101 video:

I then looked up what type of hair I have:

Then I looked up hair routines specific to my hair (2 b and 2c combo), and ended up using a mishmash of techniques and products recommended by three different people:

Wash Day:

Tabitha Gingerich:

Taylor Laios:

The CortReport:

Refresh Days:

Tabitha Gingerich:

Taylor Laios:

The CortReport:

(Image Description: Rose in profile. Her pink-colored, wavy hair is the focus.)

And, here’s the routine I’ve settled on for now, though everyone’s hair is different and I’m sure everything that works for me may not work for everyone else:

Wash Day (only once or twice a week):

Refresh Days:

  • Get hair wet: If I’m in a hurry, I will just spray my hair with a spray bottle, but I prefer to wet my hair down at the end of my shower because it allows me to blow dry my bangs and make sure they look presentable. If I use a spray bottle, I still saturate my hair pretty thoroughly.
  • Plop it in a t-shirt “towel”
  • Get the rest of myself ready while hair is plopped
  • Un-plop. Apply a small amount of gel. (Someday I may try a curl refresh spray, but I haven’t attempted that yet.) Scrunch.
  • Optional, if you got your hair wet in shower: diffuse roots and waves again.
  • Don’t touch it while it dries
  • Scrunch out cast.
  • Dry shampoo: Apply to roots wherever needed and then let sit for a minute. Then rub it into scalp. (I’m still testing out different dry shampoos)
  • Hair oil


            I use a satin scrunchie to put my hair into a “pineapple” (explained in videos). Now that my hair’s shorter, I just pull the top half of my hair up into the scrunchie. Then I sleep on a satin pillowcase. The pineapple gives me so much body in the morning so that I really could just spray my hair with water and go if I needed to, and have it still look passable, so I highly recommend that. The satin pillowcase feels nice, but I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my hair since using it. Other people’s hair may need it more than mine.

Other tips:

  • Once a week I treat my hair with Olaplex Hair Perfector No3, and I have noticed my waves are softer and more defined with each treatment. Make sure to test on a strand of your hair before applying over your whole head.
  • If your hair is color-treated, make sure the products you choose are safe for dyed hair.
  • Because my hair is color-treated, I never use hot water on it. Always lukewarm. (But when my hair’s not under the water, I turn the water hot so as not to be miserable). This slows down the color fading process.
  • Get layers cut into you hair if you’re struggling with limp waves. I think this seriously made the biggest difference for me. It gave my waves more volume and definition right away.
  • If my hair starts to look flat during the day, or it goes limp after being bombarded by wind or something, I just spray it with water again and scrunch and the waves come back
  • If, after getting ready in the morning, I have a few locks of hair that just didn’t want to curl with the others, I hold those strands away from the rest of my hair and spray them with water and then scrunch them again. Most the time this increases their curl enough to blend into the rest of my hair.

Anyway, hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.



So, technically I forgot to post last week. Oh well. This one can cover two weeks of favorites. Of course, I also forgot to keep track of the things I wanted to share over that time, so we’re still probably only getting one week’s worth.

First, MUSIC, because “The Pink Phantom” by Gorillaz, featuring Elton John & 6LACK has been giving me life. I love everything about it, but most especially and particularly the Elton John parts. As always with Gorillaz, I also appreciate the animation.

Apparently I missed a whole segment of Gorillaz music, so while their song “Melancholy Hill” isn’t new to the world, it’s new to me, and it’s become a regular addition to my dance parties with the kids.

A song that I’ve been loving that is new, is Jon Batiste‘s “I Need You.” I dare you not to enjoy this song, the dancing, the clothes, everything.

I usually try to keep our house free of music that’s meant specifically for kids because I want to maintain my sanity, but our friend Hannah (check out her beautiful sewing projects on Instagram) posted something a few weeks ago about Caspar Babypants, which is really just Christopher Ballew (former lead singer of Presidents of the United States) when he’s making children’s music. While I may not choose to listen to the songs on my own time, they’re actually super fun, and I’m happy enough when my kids request them. My favorite is probably, “Mister Rabbit,” but my kids love a lot of others as well.

Chicken breasts drenched in a creamy tomato and basil sauce, held in a white ceramic dish.

In COOKING, this slow cooker Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken was a hit at our house. I made some pasta noodles to go with it. My husband added Inner Beauty Hot Sauce to his and said it was to die for.

In WRITING, I am continually surprised and gratified by how many very supportive writers there are out there, doing work to help their fellow writers out. For instance, the Writing With Color Tumblr blog is such a good resource. In particular, I think the posts on describing skin color would be helpful to most writers.

Picture of a woman with dark brown skin. A golden-colored cat sits on her shoulder. Beneath the photo are the words “Writing With Color.”

Also, another writer, Bethany Hensel (check out her stories here), mentioned that she listens to ambience videos on YouTube while she writes, and it might literally have changed my writing life. So much easier to focus with the sounds of, say, a howling snowstorm playing in the background to drown out the sounds of my children ransacking the house. I sometimes use instrumental music for the same purpose, but my mind can get suddenly caught up in the musical intricacies, which distracts me from my writing, so this has been a better option for me lately.

Other things I’ve been loving the last couple weeks:
– Desert rain
– Being a reader and writer of good stories
– Watching my kids learn more about their world
– Therapy

Favorite Things, January 18, 2021

Still not feeling like it’s a new year, or like I’m a new me. You know, like you’re supposed to feel in a new year? But I did manage to be a little bit productive this week. I cleaned some things, I wrote some things, I made sure my son got his homework turned in on time, I fed my children. Sometimes I even showered. And I still found things to enjoy.

Before I get into it, though, since it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, anyone reading this might consider supporting a charity/non-profit that does work in line with Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy. There’s the obvious Poor People’s Campaign, which carries on Mr. King’s legacy with the goal of “shifting the moral narrative, impacting policies and elections at every level of government, and building lasting power for poor and impacted people.” More locally, where I live in the Las Vegas area, there’s the JET Foundation, which works to “change the life trajectory of those in the community by providing academic, youth development, and health and basic needs support for families.”

Whatever you choose, hopefully, even with social distancing still in place, we can all find ways today to honor Mr. King’s legacy of helping those who are underserved in our society.

Now, as far as my favorite things go, in FOOD, this Tom Kha Gai recipe by Seonkyoung Longest, really hit the spot for me and wasn’t that difficult to make.

(Photo description: Titled “Authentic tom kha gai,” the photo looks down at two bowls of tom kha gai soup beside one bowl of rice.)

While cooking that, I listened to this Life Kit Sesame Workshop PODCAST, “What to Say to Kids When the News is Scary,” which I found informative and very appropriate for our times.

(Photo description: a logo for NPR Life Kit, Sesame Workshop made up of a several green squares placed next to each other to form a rectangle. In some of the squares there are images, like the muppet Elmo, a small gardening shovel holding a small potted plant, a green clock, the Sesame Street sign, and illustrations of a figure in a dress and a figure in pants holding hands with a child’s figure between them.)

When it comes to PEOPLE, author Rin Chupeco made my week by giving me amazing feedback on my query letter for my Lesser Demons book. (I won a query critique by participating in a KidLit for Luzon fundraiser campaign for hurricane relief in the Philippines.) You may enjoy their book The Bone Witch, a beautiful, lyrical read.

(Photo description: The cover of the book THE BONE WITCH by Rin Chupeco. On a dark blue-ish purple background, a girl with dark hair sits at the edge of a rocky cliff, looking into the distance. Under the title, there is a skull, missing its jaw bone and the words “Let me be clear, I never intended to raise my brother from the grave…”)

Another great person, singer Dionne Warwick has been killing it on Twitter, and, consequently, making the world a more enjoyable place.

(Photo description: Dionne Warwick tweets “Did you really read The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway?” with a meme from Anchorman of Will Ferrell smoking a cigarette and the caption “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.”
(Photo Description: Twitter handle @annstapshoe tweets, “I had a dream last night that I was back in high school and @dionnewarwick was my music teacher.” Dionne Warwick responds, “This wasn’t a dream. Your assignment is late.”
(Photo description: Twitter handle @D1LFH4NK asks Dionne Warwick “bestie what are your thoughts on c*lin jost”. Dionne Warwick responds, “The person who sits next to Michael Che?”)

ANIMALS had their day in the Twitter sun this week too, thanks to Joaquim Campa who compiled this thread on animals interrupting nature photographers. Worth looking through the whole thread.

(Two photos. On left, a woman (Liba Radova) lies on her stomach in grass, holding a camera. A baby deer stands on her back, and a baby wolf nuzzles her arm. On the right, a man wearing a coat and a beanie lies on his stomach on a rocky beach. He holds a camera and a small seal lies across his lower back.)

Stayed up later than I meant to most nights, listening to MUSIC and pretending it was helping me go to sleep instead of supercharging my brain waves. Thanks to my binging of HBO’s Insecure (mentioned in last week’s favorite things), my ears were blessed by the song “Plastic” by Moses Sumney.

My husband Jordan sent me Olivia Rodrigo‘s “Driver’s License” song, which I think a lot of people have been buzzing about. (Language warning–don’t watch with the kiddies?)

Jordan (my primary source for good musical entertainment) also showed me “Sugar Drum Fairies” with Travis Barker and BYOS, which I know is a Christmas song, alright? But it’s fun, so I’m including it on my list.

NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! introduced me to Phoebe Bridgers. It’s very possible I’m the last person in the world to hear about her, but I’m sold now. My favorites at the moment are “Savior Complex” and “Motion Sickness.”

Other things I’m loving this week:
– Sleep
– 3 day weekends
– Naps
– Catching up with old friends, even if it’s just over text
– Sleeping in
– Pants that grow with my COVID lockdown body
– Did I mention sleep?