Lesser Demons: Book One in the Way Reader Series

(Lesser Demons is being prepped for querying agents. Will be starting the actual query process in the next couple weeks!)

Thanks to Zanny’s wild imagination, she’s never needed more from life than the fictional adventures she conjures up for herself. Then a real-life adventure comes her way whether she likes it or not when she learns, first, that she belongs to a sub-species of humans called Painters, who can manipulate matter with their minds, and, second, that she’s been called to lead the fight against The Angel, the head of a death cult that feeds off human energy.

Accepting the call as Way Reader means leaving her mom and best friends to live with her new bodyguard Dylan in a hidden Painter city, where he trains her and they work to uncover The Angel’s real identity before he and his followers can cause another world war.

Being Way Reader is supposed to come with super-hero level abilities, but as more and more of the people close to Zanny fall victim to the death cult’s terror and the universe still hasn’t gifted her with her full powers, she begins to wonder if she’s a dud. When The Angel threatens Dylan’s life, though, Zanny can’t wait for the universe anymore. She has to rely on her own imagination to save the person she’s pretty sure she’s learning to love.

CHAPTERS (will repost the first three chapters once I have the final revisions completed):

  • Chapter 1 
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3