Lesser Demons: Book One in the Way Reader Series

(Lesser Demons is pretty much done! I’m getting the last draft ready to send to agents, but in the meantime you can read a few chapters of one of my earlier drafts to get an idea of what the story’s going to be like. Feel free to tell me what you think, if that sort of thing strikes your fancy.)

Zanny Monroe lives with her mom in a tiny town in the mountains of Idaho, and though her wild imagination has led her to save the world in any number of daydreams, it never occurred to her that a moment might come when the fate of the world would actually rest on her shoulders. Until one day when a group of menacing strangers with evil intentions invade her little town, and Zanny suddenly finds herself under the protection of a mysterious old man and his handsome young colleague.

With her new-found friends Zanny enters the hidden city of Daxa where, not only does she learn about the secret world of the Painters–a race of people able to perceive and manipulate microscopic particles–but she discovers some secrets about herself as well. When people start turning up on the streets behaving in erratic, deranged ways, Zanny and her friends must unravel the clues to uncover a plot that could mean disaster for the entire world.