Coming soon:

  • Lesser Demons:

    Zanny is pretty skeptical when enigmatic Dylan shows up in her small mountain town claiming she’s been named once-in-a-century hero for a secret race of humans called Painters, who can alter matter with their minds. Then The Angel, the powerful leader of a Painter death cult, tries to have her and her mom killed, and Zanny agrees to travel halfway across the world to help Dylan fight The Angel and his followers. But when Zanny’s own powers aren’t coming fast enough to stop The Angel from hurting the people she loves, she has to learn that being a hero is more about who she is than what powers she wields.

    Lesser Demons is a New Adult soft science fiction novel with a distinctive narrative voice, strong female characters, slow burn romance, a large cast of characters, and immersive world building that could be described as Never Have I Ever meets Legendborn.


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