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  • Lesser Demons: When an accidental touch from annoyingly good-looking Dylan unlocks Zanny’s ability to control matter with her wild imagination, it launches her into the hidden world of the Painters, where people can ignite fireballs from thin air, make biological machines out of actual flesh and bones, and build towering skyscrapers—just by thinking about it. The only problem is, a vision has marked Zanny as the girl who’s supposed to defeat The Angel—one of the most powerful Painters ever—and Zanny’s still figuring out how to use her powers properly.With the help of Dylan and a ragtag team of quirky Painter friends, Zanny tries to uncover The Angel’s real identity and foil his plans to start another world war. But when her lack of skill lands her in The Angel’s hands and puts Dylan’s life in danger, Zanny has to figure out what about herself makes her strong enough to defeat The Angel. And she has to figure it out before he takes control of her mind and uses her to hurt everyone she loves, or maybe even destroy the world.

    Lesser Demons is an upper Young Adult soft science fiction novel with a distinctive narrative voice, a diverse cast of characters, and immersive world building that echoes stories like The Sound of StarsThe Last Airbender, and Never Have I Ever.


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