(Image Description: Rose, with pink hair styled in waves, smiles at the camera.)

Making Waves

After I discovered I have naturally wavy hair–and figured out how to properly care for it–several people asked to know my routine, so I obliged.

Making Waves

After posting about how I’d discovered I had naturally wavy hair and had been figuring out how to properly care for it, several people asked to know what my wavy hair routine looks like, so I’m posting it here in case there’s anyone else who wants this information. To start with, here’s where I found…


So, technically I forgot to post last week. Oh well. This one can cover two weeks of favorites. Of course, I also forgot to keep track of the things I wanted to share over that time, so we’re still probably only getting one week’s worth. First, MUSIC, because “The Pink Phantom” by Gorillaz, featuring Elton…

Favorite Things, January 18, 2021

Still not feeling like it’s a new year, or like I’m a new me. You know, like you’re supposed to feel in a new year? But I did manage to be a little bit productive this week. I cleaned some things, I wrote some things, I made sure my son got his homework turned in…

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