My Personal Soundtrack, Whether I Like It or Not

You know those songs that always get stuck in your head? You find yourself singing them when you wake up in the morning, in the shower, as you’re puttering around your house even though you haven’t actually heard them for years?

I made a little list of a few of the ones that have stuck with me over the years.

Peter Bjorn And John’s oh-so-chill “Young Folk.”

“Father Christmas” from the movie musical Scrooge. (Yes, I sing it with a bad British accent.) Oh man, I wish it was Christmas so I could watch this whole movie.

“Mr. Sandman,” which I have loved ever since I was a wee baby. (Kudos to whoever made this simple and adorable video.)

This silly song that was taught to me as a kid. It goes “Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, in China they never grow chilly,” but a couple years ago I learned that it’s actually a really awesome Mexican song and I wish that it was this awesome version that got stuck in my head but, alas, tis not. Here’s a version of the limerick that is as ridiculous as the limerick itself.

And here is the real song, “Cielito Lindo”:

Everyone’s got at least one Disney classic in their repertoire, right? Mine is “Prince Ali” from Aladdin.

“Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” This is on account of it being in one of my favorite movies, Shooting Fish.

Here’s the trailer for the movie. “All praise to the quick-release trousers.” (Oh, Jez.)

“Here Comes the Sun.” Of course, I freaking love The Beatles, but I also have a pretty funny story that goes with this song. Back in the day before Saddam Hussein had been captured, I’d had the song stuck in my head for WEEKS and then I had this crazy vivid dream where I was swimming with my brother (who was actually serving in Iraq at the time) in one of Saddam’s palatial pools (don’t ask why). Then Saddam came to swim with us and he asked if we wanted to see his underwater aquarium. In my discomfort at being with Saddam I started sort of nervously singing “Here Comes the Sun” as we were heading into the aquarium and Saddam got WAY excited that I like the Beatles. He said, “That is a good song, but my personal favorite is ‘Hey, Jude.'” And then he started singing it. The end.

I couldn’t find a clip of THE Beatles playing the song, but here’s at least two of them (plus some friends–but hey, Ringo’s been known to get high with a little help from them). George’s hair = amazing.


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