Running with the Runaways

Picked this up when we stopped in at the Las Vegas ComicCon:

RunawaysCoverThis is a collection of issues #25-30, all the ones that Joss Whedon worked on. I’d never heard of this series, but we’re suckers for Joss so it was an obvious choice. Also, I was intrigued by the snippet on the back cover:

“Rebellious teens Nico, Chase, Karolina, Molly, Victor and Xavin are survivors. All children of super-villains, they turned against their evil elders to become amateur super heroes…[They get themselves in trouble, blah blah blah]…The ensuing disaster hurls the kids a century backward in time, trapping them in 1907 New York—home of child labor, quaint technology and competing gangs of super-folk.”

I think mostly I liked the idea that the kids decided to fight for good even though their parents do just the opposite. And I’m glad we bought this because I liked it enough that I read the whole thing in one night. This was officially the first real comic book I’d ever read. I’d tried some Korean Manhwa but it’s different, you know?

Here are just a few things I liked about Runaways: Dead End Kids:

1. It is so cinematic. Seriously, a couple times it tricked me into thinking I was actually watching a movie. Kudos to all the artists.

RunawaysBattle2. It made me laugh out loud. Thank you, Joss Whedon, for being you.

3. The artists made the girls cute without hoochifying them. (Maybe that’s just because the characters don’t have official super hero costumes yet?)

RunawaysAtTable4. It touched on some complicated and serious issues while still allowing the characters to be teenagers.

5. It tied the story into the wider Marvel universe. (Is this always a thing? I don’t know.)

RunawaysKingpin6. Maybe my favorite part, though, were the character sketches at the end. Pen and ink just speaks to me lately.



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