Just About Dying Over Glen Check Remixes

Pretty much every time I hear a new song by the Korean indie band Glen Check I fall in love. Their techno beats are perfect for driving to and their sound reminds me of all the things I loved about 80s music while still managing to have a grittiness and modernness in most their songs that is really satisfying.

Then I discovered that they’ve done some remixes of other people’s songs and I about died. I’m not going to claim that their remixes are improvements on the originals—especially when it comes to Stevie Wonder—but I’m so happy that both versions exist.

So now I have to share some of them. Listen to the originals first and then the Glen Check remixes to get the full effect.

For starters, K-Pop hip hop group GD & TOP’s “Don’t Go Home” (“집에 가지마”):

And Glen Check’s remix:

Here’s Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” that I mentioned earlier:

Glen Check’s version:

And lastly, K-Pop boy band with the most squeezable cheeks — SHINee’s (샤이니) “Hello”:

And Glen Check’s version (Catch the Michael Jackson homage at the beginning?):


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