Bragging About My Sister. (Shhh. Don’t tell her.)

Do you know what it’s like to live your whole life with an older sister who is CONSTANTLY being way cool, way talented, and way pretty? Actually, it’s really awesome. It means that you get to be constantly way proud and a lot cooler yourself, just by association. I know this by experience because I have multiple of these types of sisters.

My one sister—the one I’m bragging about today—is über talented in lots of ways. One of the coolest ways, though, is her music. Which is why I’m SO excited that she has started a Kickstarter project to raise funds to record some of her songs in a professional studio. (Check out her project here: Riot Upstairs debut EP.)

My sister's soon-to-be album cover. She did the artwork.

My sister’s soon-to-be album cover. She did the artwork.

She’s been writing music for almost as long as I can remember, recording it all herself on whatever she could get her hands on. She’s always wanted to record professionally but things always got in the way.

So this Kickstarter project is like a fulfillment of one of her lifelong dreams. It is so awesome to see my older sister working hard at something she cares about, and I want this to happen for her SO BADLY.

So everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—should go to her Kickstarter page and donate even a dollar or something. (She’s got some great incentives for people who contribute.) And if her music isn’t up your alley, maybe you should still spread the word because I’m sure it will be up someone else’s.

Do it! DO IT! 

(You know you want to.)


3 thoughts on “Bragging About My Sister. (Shhh. Don’t tell her.)

  1. Mitzi says:

    Ah, I didn’t even know you wrote this. How nice you is. Possibly you are not aware that it is equally wonderful having a younger sister who is constantly being talented and awesome and gorgeous. You would not know this, because you do not have a younger sister. I supposed you’ll just have to take it from me.

    • Rose Card-Faux says:

      As a younger sister, it is intrinsically impossible for me to just “take it from” any older sister. Especially my own. Looks like I will have to get my own younger sister so that I can understand.

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