The 30-year-old coolness factor

I used to think 30 was old. That was when I was a really little kid. Then I thought 30 was an age when people got just “adult” enough to be really cool. Like people in their 30s were going to have just the right mixture of maturity and fun.

I’ve been 30 now for three whole days. It’s long enough to know that I was right about the coolness. Seriously, I’ve never felt so cool, and feeling cool is 90% of actually being cool, right?

Having just stepped into a new decade of my life, it seemed like a good time to launch a new stage of my life as well. This website is part of that launch. Is it cliche to start out with a post about what I learned over the last 30 years? Well I’m going to do it anyway–an attitude that is totally part of being as cool as I feel.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned since the years when my tantrums were more natural (but less adorable) than they are now:

  • If you want people to like you, like yourself.
  • It’s actually not that hard to be friends with people who are different from you.
  • Things are (usually) not as serious as you think they are.
  • Life can be harder than you ever imagined and better than you ever imagined at exactly the same time.

It’s nice to be here in the inter-world again. I hope you and I will have many good times together.


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